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Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Weatherproof outdoor cabinets are something that you need to use if you want to create kitchen in your outdoor space. However creating one is not as easy as it seems especially since you need to choose the right cabinets so it will become weatherproof.

There are various things that you need to consider when choosing this cabinet, especially when you ordering a custom made one. Thus you would not have chosen the wrong things while creating it. do not worry as we have a few tips that you can use when choosing your outdoor cabinet so it will become weatherproof.
Weatherproof Outdoor Cabinets

Tips to Choose Outdoor Cabinets to be Weatherproof

1. Water resistance
To make your cabinets become water resistance outdoor cabinets then you need to ensure that the material is suitable. In the old time, the popular material that people choose for this reason is stainless steel since it is water resistance material.

However, there is now and more popular material that people recently used which is polymer. Just make sure that the polymer you use is marine grade so it will become water resistance. There is also resin material which actually also polymer but this material can use stylish finishing to make it look like wood.

2. Fully enclosed
As you put your cabinets in the outdoor area, then water is not the only thing that you need to weatherproof. During the summer, the weather concern that you have is the dust which may comes from the roadways as well as pollutants. Even grass clipping might also comes into your cabinet and makes all of your dishware and tools become dirty.

That is why; you need to weatherproof it so they would not enter the cabinet by ensuring that the custom outdoor cabinets should be fully enclosed. The top of the cabinet should also be sealed then you can put the countertop on top of it if you desire.
Weatherproof Storage Cabinets
3. Hardware
Hardware is another thing that people always worried about since they want the cabinets to be stylish but also want the hardware to be weatherproof. If that is the case the stainless steel hardware is the best option that you can use. This material is strong and will not corrode or rust after a few times you use it. Furthermore, you can use this material not only on the outside hardware such as pull and knob but also on your inside hardware such as hinges and fastener.

4. Budget
Of course, budget will be the one that highly affect the things that you can do on your cabinet. That is why; you should also think about the budget that you willing to spend. However, going a little bit over the budget might be a good decision when you can fully weatherproof your cabinet. Especially, since you can get high quality material which can be used longer. But of course, it comes back to your personal preference as well.

Those are several tips that you can use whenever you want to choose weatherproof outdoor cabinets to make your outdoor space more interesting.