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Friday, August 24, 2018

A lot of people are thinking about using custom cabinets for their house which will make the house appear more unique. But there are still some things that they need to consider before using it. Especially for the cost as this option is not a cheap option to use compared to the pre fabricated cabinets.

That is why; before deciding to use this option, you might want to know first on the customization you will get as well as the cost that you will need to spend when using it. Here we will talk a lot of information about this cabinet which might be able to help you decide later on.
Custom Cabinets

Custom Made Cabinets Customization

First thing that you need to think about is the goal that you want to achieve by using the cabinet. Having cabinet is not always about having more storage to keep your belonging. But the cabinet can also be something that complete the room such as inside the kitchen and accessorized it to make more functional but still pretty.

That is why; you need to think about the custom options that you can use for your cabinets which will make them become more useful but also more beautiful. Here are some custom options that you can use:

1. Drawers
Drawers are the first option that you should think about especially when you want to store a lot of thing. You can customize the height of the drawers as well as the shape to make it easier to use.

Try to add some accessorize on the drawer which suitable for the purchase of the cabinet. For example for custom kitchen cabinets, then you might want to add spice rack as the accessory which will make it easier for you to store all spices that you can use on your cooking.

2. Doors
The door of the cabinet is something that you can customize as well. You can have the doors crafted or molded to make it appear more interesting. You can use framed or frameless door which will be more suitable for the theme that you want to use. Or you can also use glass door on the cabinet if you use them mainly for display especially on entertainment room.
Custom Made Cabinets Customization
3. Access
You should ensure that the cabinet will give you easy access especially when you have special need that pre fabricated cabinet cannot fulfill. For example; those who are very tall, will appreciate taller cabinet with higher countertop that they can work on without having to bend their back.

Those who use wheelchair might want to have drawers that are sliding out so they can reach the content easier. Even for you who do not have special need, having sliding drawer can be useful.

4. Sizing
Pre fabricated cabinet usually only available in standard sizing, which means not all area can use it. However, when you use a custom one, then you can order the cabinet in any size that you want.

You can also adjust the shape so it will be more suitable for the room that you working on especially when the room is shaped weirdly.

For example; if you have small size garage but still want to have cabinet inside to store your items, then you can try to create custom garage cabinets that will be suitable for the size of your garage.
Custom Cabinet Cost

Things that Affect the Custom Cabinet Cost

Besides the cost of the cabinet itself, there are things that will also affect the cost that you need to spend when using the customized cabinet such as:

1. Removal cost
If you want to install the new cabinet that you order, then you might need to remove the old cabinet first. This will surely cost you some money which is around $300 to do it for standard cabinet. But this cost will also vary depends on your old cabinet weight and size.

2. Material
The material you use for the cabinet will highly affected the cost that you will spend later on. As every material have different price, and then the cost will varied as well. Thus you need to choose material that is more suitable with your budget.

3. Features
One of the advantages of using custom cabinets is that you can add various features on the cabinet which not available in pre fabricated cabinet. However, you should remember that every feature that you add to the cabinet will add more to the cost that you need to spend.
Custom Built Kitchen Cabinets
4. Trim and molding
Adding some trim and molding will make your cabinet become more beautiful as it will add some character to it. However, you should also remember that it will add some to the cost as well. Usually every 8 foot section will cost you around $70.

5. Cabinet
The cabinet itself will be the biggest cost that you need to spend. Usually it would be around $500 to $1200 for every linear foot of the cabinet. That is why; when you are ordering, you might want to ask about custom cabinets estimate price first beforehand.

6. Finished End
The finished end will cost you dependently from the cabinet and it usually around $75 to $175 for every finished end.
Custom Kitchen Cabinetry
7. Installation
The installation is another cost that you need to consider as it will be affecting your budget. Furthermore the custom cabinets’ installation cost will be counted for every cabinet box and it will be around $100 for one.

8. Labor
Another thing that you need to spend is for the labor cost. But this cost will depend on your own location as well as the demand that the craftsman have right now. That is why the cost will be different but usually it is around $70 to $100 for every labor hour.

9. Delivery
You might need to spend some cost for the delivery of the new cabinets into your house and the cost will be affected to the accessibility and your location.

Those are some information about customization as well as the cost that you will need to spend when using custom Cabinets.