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Sunday, August 26, 2018

Having custom garage cabinets is a nice thing since you can use it to organize the garage so it will become clean and easy to use. Surely everyone have their dream garage ideas that you want to fulfill.

However, there are also some of you that do not have any idea on things that you can use in your custom cabinet. That is why; here we will give you some ideas that you can apply when you try to customize your garage with the cabinets. Surely not everything is suitable for you so you can use some of it that you like.
Custom Garage Cabinets

Custom Cabinets Ideas for Garage Organization

1. Chalkboard paint
Choosing the perfect paint is the main thing that you need to think about when trying to customize your garage cabinet. Especially since the paint can really change the atmosphere on your garage.

Thus you need to choose the perfect paint for your garage; not only the color but also the type of the paint. For this, you might want to use chalkboard type of paint which will transform your custom cabinets to be a chalkboard. Thus you can write on the surface using chalk with anything that you want. It can be useful for labeling your items or creating TTD list.
Garage Storage Cabinets
2. Fold Down Cabinet Door as Table
Having a table is important in your garage as you might need a space to put things down. However, having a table means you need to sacrifice a lot of space that you initially can use for storage. To overcome this problem, then you might want to transform your cabinet door as table by having a tabletop installed as fold down cabinet door.

3. Sliding door
For those who have small size garage, then you might want to use sliding door on your custom cabinets. This type of door do not need to swing out when opened thus you would not need to leave some space for the door to open.

Furthermore, to ensure that the door is big enough to store your big size electronic equipment, then you might want to use large size cabinet that you can build from wall to wall. You can install one or two sliding door on the cabinet so when you open it the gap would be big enough for you to put anything inside the cabinet.
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4. Wheel
If space is something that you worry about, then you might want to use cabinet with wheel which you can move around freely whenever you need. It is good for small size cabinet where you can put equipment that you often used.

Then for other equipment that you rarely use, you can put them on wall mounted cabinets that are installed way above so it would not need any space on the ground.

Those are several custom garage cabinets’ ideas that you can apply for your own projects. As the garage that you will use is different, then you need to choose ideas that are more suitable for your garage condition. That way you can arrange it as your need.