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Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Having an outdoor TV cabinet will be able to protect your electronic equipment so it will last longer and not damaged easily. However, that does not mean, you can just put the television inside any cabinet as the cabinet should suit the TV need.

Furthermore, you should consider a lot of things before you put the television in your outdoor area. Even when your first desire is to make your outdoor space more interesting by putting the TV as entertainment but it is not an easy thing to do. Here are some tips that you should know before you use the cabinet or even the TV in your outdoor space.
Outdoor TV Cabinet

How to use Outdoor Cabinets to Store TV Outside

1. Choose the right TV
Before you even try to use the cabinet, first thing that you should choose is the TV you will use. Especially since not all television can support the outdoor viewing, thus you might not get the best experience when using random TV.

You need to choose television that has the right brightness as the outdoor area are bright so your TV should also be extra bright so you can view it outside. Furthermore the LED panel should also be non glare so it can be view easily.

2. Location
Once you have the right TV, then now it is time to choose where you want to put the TV outdoor cabinets. Try to choose location which does not get a lot of direct sunlight. Of course you should not put your television near the swimming pool area just in case they get splashed by the water.

You should also not put your TV near the fireplace as the heat might get too close and ruin your TV which is why 6 feet distance from it is necessary.
Outdoor TV Cabinets with Doors
3. Mounting
When the location already decided, now it is time to mount the TV before you do the outdoor cabinets mounting. There are a few options that you can use to mount the television. Of course the easiest way is to mount them in an existing wall. But you can also try to mount it on a pole if there is no solid construction nearby.

If the wall is not available, then you can also mount them from the ceiling using pole bracket which will extend the viewing distance as the TV will be higher.

4. Weatherproof
When using the cabinet to protect your TV, then you need to be sure that the cabinet is weatherproof. It should not get damp and able to prevent humid to come, which is why you might want to add weather strip to the perimeter as extra protection for your television.

Furthermore the cabinet should also fully enclose so there is no water or even dust that can come entering the cabinet. It is important so the TV will not get dusty or damaged because of water splashing from the area.

Those are several tips that you need to know when you want to use outdoor TV cabinet to store your electronic device safely.